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Where’s the best polo shirt?

Where is the best polo shirt in the world? lacoste outlet.What should happen, this question really took me more than 10 years, just because I never found the perfect polo shirt of my ideal.

Polo shirt: Also known as a tennis shirt, golf shirt or polo shirt, in fact polo is polo, usually has a collar, there is a door, usually there will be two or three buttons. There are, of course, T-shirts with door-striped, buttoned variants.

The main difference between a polo shirt and a T-shirt is that one has a collar and one has no collar.

With the collar will appear a little formal, so now some of the more elegant sports, such as tennis, golf and so on will still wear a collar of polo shirts. Usually life occasions are the same, there is a collar of clothes will always be more serious than no collar T-shirt, T-shirt will be associated with the old man’s shirt, or street wind.

Summer is very hot, many places are more than 35 degrees, such as Shanghai. Wearing a shirt more than 35 degrees is really not easy, even if the fabric is silk, hemp, even if it is rubbed on the sweat incense will not help. If the short-sleeved shirt is not body, very local, then the short-sleeved polo shirt is undoubtedly a good compromise, of course, if your company rules must be the formal dress that is also no way.

Polo shirts have been popular to this day thanks to the founder of the Lacoste crocodile shirt, the 7-time grand slam of French tennis champion Renélacoste. As early as the 19 world to the beginning of 20th century, the standard tennis dress is a button-type shirt, or long-sleeved, of course, can roll up the sleeves, the lower is flannel pants. Imagine what it’s like to play in the summer.

So Mr. Renélacoste designed the short-sleeved tennis shirt in 1926 and, after retiring in 1933, engaged in a company with a friend in the clothing business and began selling the short-sleeved shirt to Europe and North America.

Polo was the first to accept and wear the short-sleeved shirt, and by the 1950, at least the use of this short-sleeved shirt in American polo had become a consensus, so the tennis shirt, which was born because of tennis, was often called a Polo shirt. And in 1972, Ralph Lauren designed a polo player and a pony on the tennis shirt he designed to produce, which proved to be an effective marketing ploy and, of course, due to Ralph Lauren’s great prestige and sales,

So most English-speaking westerners start Lacoste tennis shirts (Tennis shirt), also known as polo shirt, and if you go to Lacoste official website, you can see their own tennis shirts called polo shirt on their official websites.

What is the best polo shirt definition?
1. Of course, the first is the fit, polo shirts were originally born in aristocratic tennis, the development of polo, are part of the elegant movement, wearing a loose and unfit polo shirt is difficult to appear elegant, not to mention fashion.

2. Cotton, silk, wool and other natural breathable fabrics woven, there are silk and wool, silk and cotton blended, now many use synthetic fibers to make polo shirts, but its breathable and textured than natural fabrics

3. Cut better. buyers are not clothing professionals, but only do not know how to cut how good the method. Therefore, the purchase of polo shirts must be on the upper body to try to wear, more comparison, many times is no more than do not know, look at a lot of pictures do not see the idea, and a good polo shirt on the body comfort is extremely high, close to wear like your second layer of skin