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Design and planning of shopping centers | UkrintelUkrintel

Interior design and architecture since 1999.


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Design and planning of shopping centers

Our company is engaged in development projects from scratch and mall interior design creation and design of individual zones and mall premises.

Lately malls are more like palaces, museums and contemporary art centers than just «a place to sleep» in a strange city. Bright, unusual and stylish design attracts customers attention.


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SEC Fabrica, Kherson

TC Ecomall, Lugansk

Mall interior design project consist of the following: 

  1.  Measurement diagram with engineering utilities
  2. Option of planning concepts (2-3 options)
  3.  Style and colour layouts (2-3 options)
  4.  Layout after re-planning
  5.  Layout of facilities to be dismantled and mounted on a scale
  6.  Layout of floors, placement of materials
  7.  Layout of ceilings
  8.  Lighting plan with references
  9.  Plug layout plan
  10.  Layout of warm floors
  11. Layout of plumbing equipment
  12. Layout of bathrooms with estimation of materials
  13. Layout of walls in all premises with estimation of materials and detailed sections for all decorative areas
  14. Specifications for all equipment
  15. Layout of air conditioners 
  16. Heating system layout
  17. Visualization of interior in 3D Studio Max

 You can order a set of services, as well as any single stage of design