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Design and engineering office centers | UkrintelUkrintel

Interior design and architecture since 1999.


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Design and engineering office centers


Design and engineering office centers

Our company is engaged

Creating a project office centers from scratch,

  • interior design and the design of individual buildings and office space.
  • Office should be convenient and comfortable as employees and visitors alike.

Especially important to consider zoning office space, minimum standards for the convenience of each employee, as well as the direction of the flow of people and customers.

Each office sets different problem: someone is remembered by visitors, create WOW effect, someone to create a cozy, productive environment for employees.

When you are planning future office space, consult an expert to create ergonomic, right and cozy space.

Our portfolio includes more than 10 business centers implemented. photos


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BC Khortitsa Palace, Zaporozhye

BC Lemberg, Lviv


Design and engineering office space consists of the following stages:

1. Concept project:

  • The basic idea, feature office space

2. Design project:

  • Measurements of space;
  • Develop a plan for the premises indicating areas;
  • Develop a plan for placement of furniture and equipment;
  • Floor plan;
  • Plan ceilings;
  • Plan the installation of partitions;
  • Selection of materials, accessories, furniture and equipment;
  • Development of colors;
  • Development of lighting circuits;
  • Common types of premises — 3 D visualization.

3. Detailed documentation:

  • Section AP:
  • Sweep the walls;
  • Sections and nodes;
  • Working drawings floors with specification;
  • Working drawings ceilings with specification;
  • Section electrician;
  • Section water and sanitation.

You can order from our company as a set of services, and any single stage design and construction of office space.