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The project for the corporation UkrLandFarming | UkrintelUkrintel

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The project for the corporation UkrLandFarming

Reconstruction project — the creation of a modern stylish offices and call center.

Office complex format open space total area of ??1600 sq.m.1Z0-895

The idea: to create a unique and impressive complex producing wow effect on visitors and employees.



Design loft-style — trendy global trend of recent years.

The main idea of ??the style: the use of elements of the production attributes in the interior — free space, open ceilings, beams, floors, brick.

Facade of the building: the combination of brick and stained glass for spider.

Non-standard, bright and «expensive» solution.

2 ¦-¦-TА¦¬¦-¦-TВ1 (1)


Coming into office, once you feel his style, exclusivity and elegance.

Entrance lobby — reception of irregular shape with mirrored elements.


The main hall:

Loft execution in eco style. Natural colors: brown, white, light green, black.

High ceilings with exposed beams, open communications and light.

Exclusive coverage bears the same decorative loading. Pendant lights bizarre shapes accurately remembered and cause a positive impression.

Walls intentionally made in different materials — decorative panels salad color, decorative brick, decorative plaster.

Wealth of textures and shapes pleasing to the eye and creates a warm atmosphere and highlight the key points.

Comfortable exclusive furniture designed specifically for this space once again emphasizes creative in setting up an office.

Used furniture in 2 colors — white and walnut.

Nothing standard and familiar — only exclusive and unique — that’s what he sees when visiting the office.

¦Т¦-TА¦¬¦-¦-TВ 1 (55-TП ¦+¦¬¦-¦¦¦-¦-¦-¦¬TМ)

Floors: Combination of 2-color vinyl coating of parquet.

Sitting area with sofa and carpet salad, echoing the shape of the sofa.

2nd floor — in negotiating the implementation of expensive classical style.

Palace parquet, calm colors, ceiling with decorative moldings, luxurious chandeliers and tapestries, dear to the negotiating table in solid wood.

The atmosphere of confidence and success.

Glass to floor overlooking the outdoor office space on the 1st floor and a large screen on the opposite wall.


Snack bar on the 1st floor in the implementation of a playful modern style. Mix of bright colors and shapes uplifting and invigorating to continue workflow.


VIP bathroom — modern and luxurious.

Pastel colors, decorative plaster, plumbing fixtures and accessories with the latest fashion elements decorative greenery.